Network capacity

We provide the following services within our network:

- Internet

o Access

o Transit

-Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Internet

o Guest Network

o Student Network

o Internet of Things (IoT) network


o Full-Mesh

o Hub-Spoke

o Internet break-out

- Ethernet capacity

o Point-Point (P-P)

o Multi-Point Multi-Point (MP-MP)



Bredbåndsfylket offers rental for optical fibre and optical channel based on CWDM technology where capacity and capability are available.

Operators can light up dark fiber with their own electronics or specified CWDM channels via our equipment. However, there are some limitations regarding to geography and distance to the existing splicing or termination points. Contact us for more information. 

Visit our network map.


Rack/site rental

We have around 15 independent sites where we offer rental spaces and power supply to other operators.


Our sites are equipt with 48 Volt DC power supply with back-up and 19 '' rack space. We can also offer 230 Volt AC power supply without back-up and operators who wish to rent space can bring in their own solutions by agreement.

All our sites are equipped with smart locks through our electronic locking system to keep our assets secured and monitored. 



Bredbåndsfylket has developed expertise in computer network, technology in electronics and public procurement processes. We have built our competence through building fibre infrastructure in the region over the last decade, hence our knowledge in planning, design, procurement and construction of optic fiber infrastructure, management of logical network and general network technology.


We have build t a strong relationship with local suppliers and manufacturers. We also provide consultation to security solutions and IP networks. Our technical staff can offer assistance with your technical inquiries by appointment.


Project management

Bredbåndsfylket has been building fibre optic network and manaing projects for our owners since 2004.  Therefore, we have acuired knowledge and experience in project management of the fibre networks. Furthermore, we have expertise in switching network electronics at a large scale.


Our project managers are trained under the Prince2 method and can offer solutions to project management for large and small projects.


Fibersameiet is a fibre consortium on Tromsø island. It is a collaboration between,

• Bredbåndfylket Troms (BBFT)

• Tromsø municipality (TK)

• Tromsø university-college (HiTø)

• University of Tromsø (UiTø)


• Helse Nord IKT


Bredbåndfylket manages and maintains this consortium network which consists of a fiber ring with many connections on Tromsø island. For questions, please contact us.


Bredbåndsfylket has cooperated with Easymeeting AS to develop the market's simplest and most user-friendly video conferencing service.


We can help you to digitize your meetings and save money. Contact us today and let us help you to simplify meetings!


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