Data Center in Troms

6 reasons to build your data center in Troms

1. Access to an abundance of stable and renewable energy

2. A cool climate that makes cooling affordable

3. Regulated sites for industry and business with permits ready for building

4. Redundant fiber capacity to sites

5. Relevant expertise in IT and Computer Science, at the University of Tromsø

6. Good transport infrastructure with short distance to Tromsø and Bardufoss airports

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Arctic Connect

Enable telecommunication in Northern Scandinavia

The Arctic Connect project initiated to explore the possibilities of building a digital bridge between Europe and Asia via the Northeast Passage. Along with the cities of Oulu, Kainuu, Luleå and Tromsø and the Northern Scandinavia region, the regions are seeking new business opportunities and jobs relating to international data connection that would pass through the area.

The scale of the Arctic Connect project is extremely large. When completed, Arctic Connect would bring together three continents, which influence approximately 85% of the world’s population. In terms of technical capacity, the outset of the current plan is a total of six fibre pairs, a capacity of 60 Tbit/s and an overall length of approximately 18,000 km. The project will bring traffic to the region and offer more attractive sites for data centres and other exciting possibilities. 

For further information about Arctic Connect, please contact:


Dag-Kjetil Hansen


+ 47 906 38 227

Stakkevollvegen 33, 9010 Tromsø    +47 77 78 87 00 986 358 013

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