Our vision

First within broadband

delivering highspeed broadband network to the whole county


Bredbåndsfylket Troms AS began as a project by the Troms County government in 2003. Since there were few commercial interests in developing such large networks in Northern Norway, a project was initiated to build a high-speed broadband network to meet the demand of the public sector. This project then developed into a corporation between the county government and the municipalities in Troms where the Troms County government owns 80% of the corporation and the municipalities own the remaining 20%.

The first construction of the main optic fibre began in 2004. During the construction phase, other solutions were implemented to ensure broadband services are provided to our owners. In December 2006, the first phase of construction was completed. All municipalities were then connected directly or indirectly to our fibre network.


Our ‘state-of-the-art’ fibre network has been growing continuously since 2006. We are directly connected to all municipalities, hospitals, schools, kindergartens and dental and healthcare centers. With our goal to deliver high quality broadband services to our owners, we have built a highly redundant and resilient network, spreading our network extensively across the region. We have infrastructure from the outskirts of West coast Senja to the Eastern Valley of Bardu; and from the North-East of Alta in Finnmark to the Southern part of Narvik.

During 2016/2017, we upgraded from the first-generation electronics to a more robust network which offers sufficient capacity for the future needs of our owners. As an asset to the Troms County government, we offer our expertise in consulting, project management and resources for the regional fibre network. We oversee the development of broadband services in Troms and have direct responsibility for the network operation of the municipalities. We are also in cooperation with other network operators and service providers, delivering highspeed internet for the public sectors in Tromsø.

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Our owners

The company is owned by Troms County goverment (80%) and 24 municipalities in Troms (20%). 

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